SSD Forensics

In modern Notebooks and desktop computers you will find SSD hard drives. The way of storing data is quite different. This has a substantial influence on the way data is stored and deleted. Traces of evidence can be found differently with forensic methods.

Our certified forensics laboratory services can deal with damaged SSD drives, too. If a person has been accused of having visited illegal websites or stored documents refering to dangerous activities, it can be that he never was in contact with such data. Sometimes corrupt competitors try to get rid of their competition (e.g. newspapers) or unwanted publicity (e.g. bloggers or activists) by hacking into the systems and feeding stolen data.

Forensic Analysis OF SSD Storage Devices:

In some cases people are accused of having commited crimes, they never did. Sometimes this is in connection with smartphone apps (e.g. ByLock). As most smartphones can use computers for their backup the notebooks might also be part of the defenses evidence.  This allowed users to install it on iOS and Android based devices.

SSD drives store their data differently. furthermore, the diversity of SSD ports makes it difficult to extract evidence from every type of device. The equipment of ACATO holds a vast array of forensic tools that can access data from even small ssds from Macbook Air or Asus z Notebooks.


  • Backups

    Shadow copies
  • Pagefiles
  • Deleted Messages
  • Deleted Photos
  • Identify Contacts

    Internet Activity

    Illegal Activity

    Hacking Attempts

    Manipulated data