FILE Forensics

Fraud and criminal cases often need to have a variety of files examined. These can be password protected office documents, manipulated emails or badly readable number plates on security cameras.

This is where the wide range of tools and expertise in the forensics field allows us to conduct laboratory examinations of file based evidence. Even if a file is damaged or shredded we can either fix the issue or extract relevant snippets that match the courts desire of evidence.

We provide forensic services for lawyers, companies and authorities around the world.


Files have meta data and typical signatures that can be tested to see if they have been falsified. Some times we have to recover files which were deleted by a suspect on purpose to cover up his crime.

This is where we can reconstruct severly damaged documents so that the relevant content is readable for a judge and his jury. The way we conduct this is in accordance with intenational forensics and data privacy standards.


Files We AnalysE:

  • - Mailbox files (pst, eml,...)
  • - Photos (pixel, messed, ...)

    - CCTV Videos (mp4,Avi, mov, ...)

    - Log files (Web, File, Mail Servers)

    - Databases (MS SQL, Oracle, xml, ...)

    - Text documents (word, rtf, ...)
  • - Presentations (ppt, notes, ...)

    - Tables  (xls, xml, xlsx, ...)

    - Project and visio files

    - Virtual drives (VHD,VDK, VDMK,...)