Smartphone Forensics

Fraud and criminal cases often include smartphones from different brands and suspects. These mobile devices allow users to send all sort of data and coordinate coups. Some people do not think that is is possible to recover data from phones they threw into rivers or out of building windows. We have conducted several chipoffs which resulted in the successful delivery of digital data strored in such severly damaged smartphones. 

Even if the device has a unkown password or a faulty system update caused an unsolvable permanent system failure - a chipoff can deliver to lawyers, courts or police or private detectives what they need to continue the investigation.

The german laboratory of ACATO has the technical facilities and competencies to do a chipoff on different types of smartphones. Hereby the experts dismantle the device and get access to the pcb of the phone. In a rework process the chip is removed from the pcb and the reengineering of the data alocation process is started. At the end, the forensics engineers will be able to store the wanted data.

We provide forensic services for lawyers, companies and authorities around the world.

LOOKING AT Smartphone Chips

Our laboratory has a reference device depot holding a wide range of cellphones (2400+), smartphones (500+), tablets (40+), harddrives (1000+), ssd (50+) and other flash based devices (70+). 

This allows us to find the optimal path to get the data out. Sometimes the extraction might take weeks or months, but where others give up, we continue until we reach the target.

We have successfully extracted data from smartphones that were run over by heavy vehicles. We were got out data from a device that was hit at with a tool in order to destroy the evidence. Even cases damaged by salt water, river and bath water ... eventually resulted in a succesful extraction of data.

We get help requests from companies, auditors, manufacturers, security forces, military and even data recovery experts around the world.

We don't give up on the first obstical. We continue till we succeed or the device is definately dead.



  • - chipoff for android phones
  • - chipoff for windows phones

    - chipoff for iPhones

    - bypass pin of smartphone

    - Bruteforce security of smartphone

    - Analyze usage of device

    - Find traces of fraud
  • - Analyze traces of bylock

    - Write expert witness report

    - Contest a 3rd party forensic report

    - Validate 3rd party forensic results

Extracting evidence from Smartphone and Tablet

The field of mobile forensics is focused on gathering digital evidence out of intelligent devices such as Smartphones, tablets and GPS systems. Even cell phones still have a value for conducting a forensic examination. Is is really so easy to extract digital evidence from smartphones? A simple app of backup software will not deliver data that is showing a clean integrity that it will withhold a court examination.

Therefore professional forensics requires equipment and expertise. The tools used have special protection modes to avoid manipulating the data inside the device and the extracted copy. In some cases you need to brute force a locked phone. Some methods like shadow copying can help surpase an iPhone protection but they are a time consuming campaign. Das geht von einem Lesegerät mit Schreibblocker bis hin zu Entschlüsselungssystemen, die eventuell eine PIN herausfinden können, um ein Handy zu entsperren.


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Find, secure, extract and analyze mobile devices

Extracting data also requires that every step is following a standard procedure map. Each waypoint has its own importance to maintain the chain of custody. Therefore our forensic investigations are run in a special way to keep the evidence as best as possible. Besides this, our experts are bound by the ethical rules of the ACFE. An investigation should be conducted on a sufficiant ground that a crime or misconduct has occured. Placing all employees on a general investigation list is illegal in several jurisdictions and it does not provide the expected benefits. 

Mobile forensics can collect a wide range of data from e-Mails, photos, SMS, contact lists, app data and conversations/chats. Even navigation systems in cars, boats and planes can have a considerable share of importance for a forensic investigation.


Therefore our forensics experts follow the useful guidelines provided by ISO 27037. You will find a simple example of how such an investigation would have to be conducted, looking at our description regarding "securing evidence correctly".


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