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App Forensics

The forensic analysis and investigation into the usage of an app can be necessary if somebody is accused of using a particular smartphone applications.

Sometimes Smartphones are attacked in order to listen into conversations or even track an individual's location. Even here it is possible to investigate and locate the source of this spying application that hijacked the phone or tablet.

Find, Analyze and Deliver PROOF OF Guilt

With the digital world new threats arise. In some cases individuals are accused of having used particular apps to comit or facilitate illigal activities.

This can even result in arrests that are based on the suspicion that a person used a tool being connected with a group of people who use this to destabalize a company or country. Therefore such arrest warrant might grade the person as a potential member of a terrorist group or an operative belonging to a political group trying to damage a countries economic stability.

In such cases our experts can investigate the individuals computers, smartphones, tablets and mobile storage drives. The forensic laboratory report can give a detailed insight into the persons true usage of an app.

In some cases accusations are invented by competitors to destabilize a company by removing its mamanagent with such false accusations. By the time the security forces find out they have been mislead the competitor has reached his desired target.

Our forensics experts can provide the much needed evidence report showing that the accussed had no such app ever installed and never used it inside his network. These reports can be provided in different languages depending on the clients needs.

Our clients come from all sorts of countries around the world (i.e. Canada, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands, ...). Therefore our experts can help explain particular aspects in english via phone, skype or other communication platforms.

If evidence of criminal misuse is found, it has to be included in the report. We are not interested in delivering myoptic visionary reports!

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