Eagle App Forensic Analysis?

Sometimes people are accused of having used the smartphone app called "Eagle". This app was available from 2015 on android platform. This allows users to chat using Android based devices and 256 AES Encryption level to protect themselves against spys.

Eagle is not so well known now for its association with operatives of the FETÖ movement, as after ByLock app users switched to Eagle in fear of security gaps. Eagle is an application that offeres the ability to converse in locked groups whilst messages were encrypted and stored out side of reach from national security services. Provider data is is often used to justify arrest warrants.

This kind of app features you can also find in apps like ByLock or WhatsApp. Many innocent people around the world use tools like Whatsapp or WeChat. Their intention is not to take control of the world. hey just want to converse with friends around the world.

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Nevertheless, eagle is a different level of severity. Terrorist attacks, coups and criminal acitivities have been directed via ByLock and eagle. This fact makes it for security services in different countries a particular object of interest. The diversity of people voluntarily trying to gain fame by claiming they developed bylock on there own are varied. Some of these pleople are sick and putting innocent people at risk by telling untrue stories to increase their exitement of being in the focus of the press.

What can ACATO offer with App Forensic Investigations?

When a person is accused of having used Eagle although he has never used such app, our forensic laboratory can investigate the persons devices. This is only possible by providing all the digital devices of a person. Hiding a device from our lab can result in a report not gaining the full strength. We expect prove of ownership so that we can reduce the risk that devices are handed over that never belonged to the accused.

Our investigations are conducted on an hourly rate and work is always done on a rolling budget. This is due to the fact that often at the beginning client and lab do not have all the necessary information available and sometimes devices or issues arise that were not known before starting the investigation.

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In some cases it is the task to actually find traces of an application that was used and uninstalled to prove the guilt of an individual. This usually is then taken further as the communication threads are analyze to find operatives that are giving orders to the arrested suspect.