KaKaoTalk App Forensics

The variety of communication apps differs depending on the platform of the device. In cases where the usage of the encypted KakaoTalk app is part of a criminal investigation or art of an accusation it may require a detailed forensics analysis.

Our certified forensics experts provide laboratory services for examination of mobile device, smartphones and computers. To ensure that the reliability of the investigation the procedures follow international standards (ISO9001, ISO17001, ISO27035-27042). We provide examination reports on behalf of lawyers and relatives which are presented to courts around the world. Independent and fair reports can prove the innocence of an accused person.

Trustworthy Forensic Analysis:

Our forensics experts have been certified and trained in many specialized fields of forensics. Lawyers and authorities ask us for help in solving problematic situations. When evidence is in accessable due to damaged devices we can help.

Our reputation is built on years of dedication to research and our clients. If evidence is easily accessable we do not just go for it and accept is as truth.

we ask questions and try to validate what we find and expmaine in understandable wording what we find and how external factors can influence the validity of such findings.

Even data from KakaoTalk apps can be faked on smartphones. Evidence may even be partially destroyed. We try to examine what we find so that our reports eventually honestly depict the findings as reliable as possible.

KakaoTalk uses encrypted communication and therfore it is in the focus of many security services. The origin is Korea but the user base is very spread in other regions. Users in certain troubled areas tend to jump from application to application in the hope to avoid being targeted by jurisdictions who dislike encrypted communication. 

This eventually leads to activists and the general public to be arrested. some people fled their countries in fear that their stated opinions were no longer limited to their closed groups.


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