Raid Datenrettung

Forensic software

Any government and private investigator needs to have a set of specialized tools. For Central Police Agencies (e.g. FBI, BKA, Scotland Yard) and Intelligence Services (e.g. Homeland Security Agencies) the challanges are by far tougher. These authorities have to deal with fraud at a national or global scale and terrorism. Even attacks on VIPs and organisations require special tools and skills.

What is technically possible?

In open and covert investigations data is being collected and extracted. A massive set of documents need to be analyzed based on their content, meta data and digital fingerprints.

Documents and images contain a set of characteristics that can lead to the original source. Based on the extracted and matched data, a device can be located and the person who used this device to create the document can be identified.

This put into perspective with other evidence such as IP addresses, harvested emails, recovered backups, social media and seized devices will lead to an undeniable conviction.

Supported Devices:

  • Computers (Win, macOS, Linux)
  • Notebooks & Netbooks
  • EMail and Social Media
  • NAS and Raid Servers
  • Tablets (iPad, Android, ...)
  • Smartphones (iPhone, Galaxy, ...)
  • Cellphones (Nokia, Motorola, ...)
  • USB Flash Drives & Memory Cards
  • Cloud bases systems