Why YOU choose us?

The examiners of ACATO have specialized expertise in the forensics field. Their background is from audit, forensics and police services. The laboratory has deep capabilities in evidence collection even when a device is severly damaged.

succeed using our Forensics:

Many accused, plaintiffs and lawyers are presented with cases which require considerable technical expertise. This can become a nightmare if the situation seams so complex that a non technical person might misunderstand the evidence.

The judges and the prosecuters are often in no better position. Information technology can be quite confusing and misleading. No one wants to make a wrong judgement upon an accused. 

This where ACATO's forensics services can help to identify real evidence and explain complex matters in an understandable language. The reports for courts may also include detailed research and intelligence reports from the forensics experts.

As the experts work for authorities, too, and have worked from different institution sin europe (Police big4 audit firms, globsal Players) they can help .

Nevertheless, a forensics examination request can be sent into ACATO by individuals, courts, lawyers and companies. Authorities likewise may request special services depending on their needs and their time schedule.


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