Why Attorneys choose us?

The forensics experts can help lawyers in different countries repersent their clients interest in complex technical matters. This includes Forensics analysis reports for courts (e.g. Germany, Turkey, Canada).

LaWyers succeed using our Forensics:

Many lawyers are presented with cases which require considerable technical expertise. As their internal staff does not have access to the necessary equipment and training law firms experience a dilemma. Their capabilities to gather and process vast quantities of digital evidence are limited.

The expertise needed to effectively deal with digital information stored in different devices and sources brings their activities to a halt. ACATO’s forensics experts can help to ask the right questions and identify the appropriate procedures for this particular case. Hence, this ensures a case does not spin out into extreme costs.

The transnational experts can bring together a diverse team that will deal with cases which spin across multiple countries and languages. Hereby, the forensic services complement a lawyer’s work and round out the law firm’s capabilities. Like that, a law firm can take on cases it otherwise would avoid even though the clients promised payments are more than acceptable.

Depending on the jurisdictions lawyers and attorneys have to ensure that they hire competent forensics experts which are accepted due to their high certification standards. A law partnership should do its best to avoid costly mistakes and potential lawsuits whilst working on to win a case on behalf of their clients.

ACATO offers a capability set that is available for cases inside Europe and abroad. Even cases in turkey and Canada can be handled with the help of the forensic laboratory’s expertise.

If you are a lawyer improve now your efficiency and avoid worthless services by contacting our service. Our advantage does not stop here.

Even clients who directly come to us we help to find the right legal advisor in their region. The potential benefit of getting more profitable leads for a lawyers is also a nice aspect.


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